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Ritters BBQ

We are all about BBQ.  We offer BBQ Rubs, BBQ Smokers, and BBQ Classes.  We also do BBQ Competitions , so if your at a cook off look around we might be there.

   We offer tried and true products.  Our Rubs are of the finest ingredients and have been put to the test by us and some of the best cooks in the US. We ask for input from our customers and friends before most of our products are brought to the public.  They have helped bring home many Awards for us and them.  We are always here for you if you have questions about our Rubs  or Smokers and their use.

    We are also Dealers for Backwoods Smokers.We have cooked on them and  sold  them since 2005 .  Backwoods are proven winners, having won at the Jack Daniel's, The American Royal and Memphis in May Contest, not to mention many around the US.  

    Ritter’s BBQ is here to help you get the BBQ results you’re looking for whether at a Competition or in your Backyard.   Our Rubs aren’t just for BBQ either ,they are great in the Kitchen for everyday cooking.  Ritter’s Gold, Just Rub and Cluckin Buckin Rubs are a staple in my and many other pantry's.  Try them out and see which one will be a staple for you !      Happy Smokin! (Or just Cookin!)

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