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Making a killer BBQ pulled pork sandwich - Prepping #1

****  SSOMD NOTE - This blog was written for Sweet Swine 'O Mine Dist. by BBQMemphis.  BBQMemphis was a member of Sweet Swine 'O Mine competition BBQ team for many years and now is just a back yard cook.  BBQMemphis will be a regular guest on this blog.  Please enjoy.   - Mark



Welcome to Sweet Blog 'O Mine.  Glad you found us and hope you’ll find this information useful.  Over the next few weeks, months and years ....I will be adding articles on  how to create some world class southern BBQ.  My first batch of articles will be about making pulled BBQ pork that melts in your mouth



Steps to making some world class pulled pork BBQ




Ok, so this weekend I decided to fire up the backwoods smoker and cook a couple10 lbs. pork shoulders (picnic) that I bought on sale at 98 cents a pound. 

BBQ Pork Shoulder Picnic


Now every time I do this, I’d pull out my notes and review how the Sweet Swine 'O Mine barbecue team will cook pork shoulders in the backwoods for a competition. 


I may not list all the steps but I am going to try and get everything I did to make this awesome BBQ. 


1)  Get the pork from the fridge and let it get to room temperature.  I usually don't time this because I am working on the next steps. But I’d say leave it on the counter for at least 45 minutes while I am getting everything else ready.

BBQ Pork Shoulder



2)  Start my charcoal using a chimney starter.  This is a must have accessory for the backyard cooks.  It allows you to start your fire without using any lighter fluid.  Lighter fluid is a NO! NO! in true southern BBQ.  It makes your meat taste like gasoline. I don't know about you but I am not a fan of gasoline flavored food, so I use only a sheet of newspaper and a half chimney of charcoal.  For my cook I used Kingsford charcoal.  In competitions, we use hardwood lump charcoal. I didn't have any lump on this particular day so, I used what I had. 

 BBQ Chimney for Backwoods Smoker

3)  While the charcoal started in the chimney, I generously rubbed my BBQ shoulder with Sweet Rub 'O Mine. 

Sweet Rub 'O Mine BBQ Rub


I will devote another blog to different rubs and flavor profiles.  Needless to say Sweet Rub 'O Mine for me is the perfect combination of sweet and heat and really is the perfect rub for BBQ pork.  


You are probably asking, how much rub did I use? To be frank ….. A LOT....


My technique of adding rub to pork is pretty simple.  Sprinkle the rub generously on the picnic shoulder.  Wait a few minutes, then repeat… and not just the top of the meat.  I mean add rub all over, top, bottom, sides and in every crevice you can find.

Backwoods Smoker with pork


Some people inject the rub in while others like to cut holes in the pork (using a tenderizer) to really get the flavor in.


I will devote another blog to some alternative techniques used to create smoked BBQ pulled pork....but for now, I am just documenting the basic steps I used to create killer pulled pork sandwiches.

Pork shoulder on the Backwoods Smoker



Now that my pork is prepped and the fire is going the next step is the cooking process.  But wait! That will be in article #2 in the series…




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